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New York, United States, 21st Jul 2022, Apple Music is a music streaming service offered by the tech giants Apple. It was previously known as iTunes before its rebranding in 2019. With more than 90 million songs at its disposal and 72 million paid subscribers, Apple music prides itself as the second-largest music streaming service behind Spotify. 

Getting found via streaming platforms like Apple Music is generally a huge career jump for most musicians in today’s world, where music streaming has supplanted conventional ways of distributing music. These days, the success of an artist’s music is mostly determined by how many people listen to their tracks and albums on streaming services. 

While several platforms exist for musicians to distribute their music (Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and so on), Apple Music stands out because it enables artists to earn more money per stream. Each stream you get on Apple Music amounts to about $0.007. Also, due to Apple’s exclusivity deals signed with many artists, Apple Music has established itself as a premium service that matters in the music streaming ecosystem.

For artists who want to get noticed on music streaming services such as Apple Music, promoting their songs via ads or song publicity is the usual approach. However, organic music promotion takes precedence above everything else since it provides musicians greater credibility. 

There are several reasons why artists pay to promote their songs. Some cannot afford to pay big marketing agencies in the industry to promote their songs due to financial deficiencies, while others want to reach more audiences. 

In reality, the vast majority of individuals who buy Apple music streams are new artists in the music industry who have yet to build a large enough following to be recognized. As a result, they resort to music promotion services to get the first exposure they need. 

Also, a higher number of plays means your music triggers the algorithm to notice your song and eventually recommend it to more people. Apple music sadly does not allow everyone to create playlists, so the option of promoting your song via curated playlists is more difficult on Apple music. You have to reach out to approved playlist managers personally if you want to get your song listed, which is impossible in most cases because playlists are made according to Apple’s taste. 

There are a good number of websites that offer Apple music promotion services online. However, the one that stands out most is Streamplug. Streamplug is an Apple Music promotion service where artists can buy Apple music streams and reach a larger audience. Their music promotion service helps artists get noticed by forming user-based promotion groups. 

Unlike Spotify streams, Apple music does not offer a free subscription. This becomes a powerful hurdle for music promoters. Thankfully, Streamplug has overcome this obstacle and has continuously provided reasonable and efficient music marketing services.

Apple Music promotion has proven difficult due to the absence of a freemium subscription on Apple music. Streamplug has made the task effortless and cost-effective. 

For more information about Streamplug and the services it offers, visit www.streamplug.net.

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