MetaMundo Unveils Web3.0 Block-chain Based Real Estate Brokerage App “INTERMUNDO”

MetaMundo Inc. released a beta version of the app “InterMundo,” a blockchain-based REIT project.  MetaMundo Inc., applied Web 3.0 Blockchain technology to link structural defects and technical issues of projects to real estate, one of the most stable real assets, and make it simple, convenient, and safe for all participants to own and trade real estate.


Hong Kong S.A.R., 28th Apr 2023, King NewsWire In November 2022, MetaMundo Inc. launched a beta version of the app “InterMundo,” a blockchain-based REIT project. The complete release is scheduled for the third quarter (July-September) of 2023. The app offers users information about perceived real estate rental properties, enabling actual demanders to conveniently and securely acquire real estate brokerage services through the app. 


In addition, blockchain technology can be used to document and secure contract history through the token protocol that will be implemented in the future. The MMT token is scheduled to be listed on Bybit Poloniex Huobi Exchange in the Summer of 2023. App InterMundo is poised to capture a significant portion of the market in the near future and gain widespread recognition. 



Large real estate platforms based on Prop Tech Web2.0 have limitations in fairness, transparency, and business growth due to high fees, but the app “INTERMUNDO” is a Web3.0-based digital real estate service that is directly participated by users through a blockchain network and powered by MMT tokens, and is fair, transparent, and innovative.

The “INTERMUNDO” app service offers incentives for all parties involved in the real estate transaction, including landlords, renters, appraisers, and consultants.

Business models (BMs) based on real estate and the Popcorn box models make it possible for anybody to become a property owner in the blockchain ecosystem.

The MMT ecosystem, which is based on real estate, preserves sustainability and offers users the chance to profit from MMT tokens.

The MMT token ecosystem uses inflation to grow and maintain a stable ecology. The yearly inflation rate is anticipated to be about 3.5%. It is used to stabilize the ecosystem over time, for example, by adding and engaging users. MMT burning and buybacks work to a limited extent that does not disturb the ecosystem’s supply and demand balance.



MetaMundo Inc., applied Web3.0 Blockchain technology to effectively resolve efficiency, transparency, and fairness issues in the real estate market by linking structural defects and technical problems of projects to real estate, one of the most stable real assets, and making it simple, convenient, and safe for all participants to own and trade real estate.

Web 3.0 Blockchain technology also allows investors to invest in real estate more effectively since transactions are carried out without the need for intermediaries and “MMT”, a token, was generated to compensate traders and investors with reasonable prices.

InterMundo service, as a function of the MMT token’s governance and community, offers a variety of utility functions, such as delivering real estate investment information, allowing investors to connect with one another, and voting on the co-investment industry.


Since 2019, MetaMundo Inc. has been developing a Proptech business with a real estate blockchain project. To concurrently revolutionize the virtual asset market and the real estate market and to create a diverse ecosystem, the company has developed a meta protocol project and a blockchain cluster.

“By applying Web 3.0 blockchain technology to build an ecosystem in which user participation and reasonable compensation provide a virtuous cycle, we plan to further strengthen our competitiveness as the only Web 3.0 technology-based real estate project that survives and grows while achieving a sustainable token economy system,” an official from MetaMundo Inc., said.


MetaMundo Inc. is actively expanding access to domestic real estate investment globally, with a focus on Korea. It is a secure and transparent real estate investing platform that makes use of blockchain technology, and it is likely to have a significant influence on the real estate market in the future.



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