TheMoonMemes Project Presents a New Utility-Packed Meme Token with Staking Feature

Panamá City, Panamá, 2nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The team at TheMoonMemes is happy to announce its latest utility-packed meme token, $TMM. The project openly aims to empower creators and unite communities through humor and inclusivity. This new meme-based community cryptocurrency will introduce various features to the Web3 sector. 

Above all, the staking system will provide a robust way for the community to earn rewards by securing the network. The team’s clear roadmap and strong vision are at the project’s core to make memes matter.

Empowering Meme Creators and Crypto Fans with Staking Rewards

The core of TheMoonmemes’ mission is to empower meme creators and support their growth. One way the team is achieving this goal is through its robust staking system. By staking their tokens, community members can earn passive income and contribute to the network’s stability and security. 

The process is simple: crypto enthusiasts deposit their TheMoonMemes tokens into the staking platform, locking them up for a set period. In return, investors receive a part of the network’s transaction fees and newly minted tokens. This trick is an incentive for community members to hold onto their tokens and helps grow and secure the network.

But why stake with TheMoonMemes? For one, it offers an opportunity for passive income. By staking tokens, anybody can earn regular rewards without checking their trading app once every five minutes to invest funds.

Moreover, staking with TheMoonMemes means supporting the network itself. The idea is not hard to get: the more tokens staked, the higher the strength (and resilience) of the community. And as TheMoonMemes grows, so may the rewards for all stakers.

But that’s not all – stakers also get exclusive benefits such as access to community events and NFT drops. This is a nice add-on for crypto enthusiasts looking to diversify their portfolio and join a new meme-based community. 

Exciting Future Plans and Tokenomics

There are five phases within the development roadmap for TheMoonMemes token. 

In Phase 1, the team focused on conceptualization and planning while defining the purpose and utility of the token. TheMoonMemes also assembled a motivated work team, launched its website, deployed contracts, and opened its social media channels.

In Phase 2, the team shifted its focus towards developing the token itself. In this sense, the team successfully passed a smart contract audit at Coinsult.

As TheMoonMemes gains initial growth in Phase 3, professional marketing strategies will be implemented. By this time, the token will go live on DEXs and popular tracking platforms like DEXTools, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. The team will also focus on expanding its reach through partnerships and a dedicated community rewards program.

Phase 4 will see further expansion and innovation for the project. Specifically, the team will launch its staking-and-reward system and an NFT marketplace for meme-inspired creations. The developers will continue to enhance platform features based on community feedback. Furthermore, the team intends to form strategic partnerships with influencers and other blockchain projects.

In Phase 5, the long-term vision for TheMoonMemes token will come to life. This includes further developing the “Memeverse” with new tools and opportunities for creativity. The team will also promote social impact initiatives and help grow a global community of meme creators.

In this context, a look at the project’s tokenomics (or “Moonomics,” as the team calls it) is surely necessary. 

The project’s token supply is equal to 100,000,000,000 coins. In terms of token distribution, the project team has some clear ideas to share. For instance, the fact that 1/4 of the coins will go to the project’s treasury is interesting. And setting up a 20% pool for the staking operations is also a solid move.

The project’s whitepaper shares additional information about the token and its planned allocation.

About TheMoonMemes

TheMoonMemes is a new project based on an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network, inspired by meme culture. As an ecosystem, TheMoonMemes supports a large community of meme creators, enthusiasts, and crypto fans.

The mission of TheMoonMemes is to merge the limitless potential of blockchain technology with the humor and creativity of memes. This empowers people passionate about memes, bringing them together in one united community.

Anyone wishing to learn more about what sets TheMoonMemes apart need only visit the team’s website. Moreover, TheMoonMemes’ social links below provide quicker access to its community.

X (Twitter) | Telegram

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